Captivating the superior quality of naturally sourced mineral bentonite, KAOCAT® stands as the leader of cat litterKAOCAT ® is crafted from the highest quality bentonite with an unmatched ability to absorb moisture and form clumps. Sodium bentonite clay, a natural ingredient, is the raw material for most clumping cat litter available in the market. The ultra clumping effect of KAOCAT® bentonite cat litter, post-exposure to moisture, is achieved without any additives, ensuring it remains a 100% natural product.

Upon contact with liquids, KAOCAT® absorbs a minimum of 5 times its dry weight. This results from the meticulous selection and combination of sodium bentonite clay mined from various regions where we own and operate mines. The majority of bentonite cat litters in the market have an absorption capacity which is significantly lower.

Clumping bentonite cat litters reign as the most popular type in the market as they simplify the maintenance and cleaning of litter boxes. Elevating the standard, KAOCAT® goes beyond mere convenience with its advanced formula that not only ensures efficient clumping and easy scooping but also boasts exceptional odor elimination properties and is virtually dust-free. This results in a healthier and more pleasant and dust free environment for both you and your feline companion.

KAOCAT® uniquely produces the highest quality bentonite clay utilizing a specific production technique that shapes powdered clay into granules of various sizes. This not only ensures superior performance but also provides a natural and comfortable experience for your Furbaby.

KAOCAT® cat litter is supplied in unique, resealable packaging available in 5 KG and 10 KG options.

KAOCAT® Cat Litter Product Specification:

 Absorbency: ≥ 500%
 Moisture: ≤ 1.5%
 Size: 0.5-3.0 mm
 Shape: Round type

Experience the unparalleled quality and natural comfort of KAOCAT® Cat Litter – setting new standards in cat care